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Our Treatments

At Surrey Massage Clinic we treat everyone as individual and tailor each massage to suit the need. We take a full consultation on your first visit to discuss what is the appropriate massage for you.


We offer the following treatments although often they are blended to suit, so a deep tissue massage can also be a relaxing massage too!

Sports Massage

For treatment and advice on those who regularly participate in a sport activity. We understand how different activites affect the body and which muscles are likely to be overused, under utilised and can offer advice on counter balancing to reduce injury.


All therapists offer Sports Massage.


For more info on sports massage including prices please click here



Deep Tissue Massage

For muscular and structural related pain, our muscles are always working hard to support our lifestyle, compensating for injuries, causing pain and stiffness that can be a niggle to chronic, persistent pain. If you would like speak to us before booking please do not hesitate to call us.


All therapists offer Deep Tissue Massage


For more info on deep tissue massage including prices please click here


Myofascial Release 

A specialised technique that works with the connective tissue (fascia) and specifically Myofascial (muscle fascia) that surrounds each muscle fibre.


The focus is on the whole body and fascial slings that cause restriction and from the feet up causing resctrictions and dysfunction. 


Myofascial Release uses the techniques from Ida Rolf, John Barnes and Tom Myers in an intuatuive and tailored way that is individual to requirements.


For more information please click here


MFR specific treatments are only available with Danielle, Zuzana and Abby



Relaxing Massage

Once seen as pampering, relaxing massage is now appreciated as essential for physical and mental health. The benefits are endless and we have created a calm space for you to disconnect from the outside world and relax, maybe even fall asleep!


Please note: Relaxing massages are only available with Danielle, Elise, Abby, Zuzana and Tanya (basically not Jen!)


For more info on relaxing massage including prices please click here



Find Us:

Previously based at the Yoga Centre in South Street, we can now be found at:-


The Dorking Wellbeing Centre,

173 High Street, Dorking


"...looking for a good sports massage in Dorking, this is great. I use it..."

Christian O'Connell - Radio DJ & Comedian

"...they all know how to find my knots, hit the pressure points, relieve upper back computer desk tension..."

Mark B, Esher

"...straight away I felt better and within a few days the injury had gone"

Ollie Millroy, Professional Racing Car driver

"... instrumental in my being able to continue working by helping me with chronic pain management ..."

Harriet Hitchen, Brockham


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