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We have put togther a few FAQs we believe will answer some of your questions about how we are now operating under the guidelines.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Will I need to wear a face covering?

As of 8th August, you are required to wear face covering in enclosed spaces, which includes at our clinic. There are medical exemptions which can be found on the government website. 


We do not require you to wear a face covering when you are prone ( lying face down) on the couch as we have a covering in place for this but we would like you to wear a face covering when entering the treatment room, and all work when lying on your side and supine (lying face up).


Please advise us in advance if you are exempt from wearing a mask.


Our therapists will be wearing a mask & visors.


Please bring your own face covering. If you forget, we can provide one for a surcharge of £1.


What are your clinic procedures for COVID-19?

We have done a detailed risk assessment and here is a summary of those implemented procedures:-


We cannot treat anyone who is shielding or considered extremely vunerable at this time. We can offer virtual appointments if required.


If you are shielding someone and happy to still come in, we can offer you the first appointment of the day if preferred.


Everyone is required to fill in a COVID-19 pre-screening form which is to be completed before attending which MUST be filled out.


The treatment room is deep cleaned between each appointment.


All consultations will be done virtually and before your appointment.


Each appointment is to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before time and leave promptly. Do not enter before then.


No walk-ins allowed and no members of the public allowed into the centre without an appointment.


Therapists will be wearing visors and masks.


We ask that you wear a face covering when supine on the couch (lying face up).


We cannot do 90-minute appointments at this time.


The allocated appointment time allows for changng and self care advice. Therefore actual close contact work will be reduced by about 5-10 mins.


We have an online booking system to keep this side of our operations virtual.


We have hand washing facilities and provide hand sanitiser. 

Sanitising is mandatory before entering the treatment room.


Windows will be open for ventilation.


Each treatment room has a HEPA air filter/purifier.


There is a sanitised plastic box for all your clothes and belongings on arrival, please do not bring lots of shopping bags with you, unless you can fit it in the box!


The treatment room will be divided by some black tape. You will not be permitted to cross into our space at any time.


Each client gets a clean set of linen that has been washed at 60 degrees.


All used linen is stored in a sealed plastic bag and put away.


We recommend you only use the toilet facilities if absolutely necessary


No water will be available, please bring your own.



For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

I have a gift voucher, what are you doing about gift voucher expiry date and 90 minute vouchers ?

All vouchers purchased between 20th March 2019 and 13th July 2020 will be extended by 4 months. If your voucher has expired and falls between these dates, please email us as we need to manually adjust the expiration date on your voucher.  


If you have a 90-minute voucher, please contact us as we can split it into two whilst we are unable to do 90 minute treatments.

What happens if I am unwell on the day?

If you feel unwell with COVID-19 symptoms, please contact us straight away to cancel your appointment. 


If you have the symptoms of a cold such as runny nose, sore throat, muscle aches and pains but no known COVID-19 symptoms, please cancel your appointment. This is also applicable to vomiting and nausea.


We will not charge for any last-minute cancellations for those who are unwell.

How can I pay?

We prefer BACS or Paypal direct to your therapist before your appointment.

We can accept cash and will have a box for you to place it so we do not need to handle cash during the day . Please bring the exact amount

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