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Client Testimonials

Here is a collection of our client testimonials and more can be read on our Google page here and Facebook page.

"I can ride my bike pain- free again! Thank you!"

Neil, Dorking 


"I just wanted to say what a hidden gem you have...exceptional massage with a positive "counselling' attitude. I feel 100% better leaving your clinic this evening, cannot recommend enough.  There are few people in life that you meet who clearly love their jobs and make you feel good about yourself as well! I have been terrible since my car accident but now finally starting to feel like the old me again! Thank you Surrey Massage Clinic :) "

Jayne Kemp LRPS


"I went to see Dani at Surrey Massage Clinic with a neck and shoulder injury from training. Straight away I felt better and within a couple of days the injury had gone. I now visit frequently for sports massage and recommend Dani to all of my friends and colleagues also involved in sport."

Ollie Millroy - Professional GT Racing Driver


"..I just wanted to say thank you for all your help so far with my various aches and pains. Went to bed last night with no pain, slept soundly and awoke with no pain...feel like a young man again!!"

Jeremy Adams, Dorking 


"I've now had five sessions with Elise to help ease my low back pain and it's so much better, I don't know how to thank Elise enough. After each session I have felt small improvements. It's so nice to be nearly pain free but that's not going to stop me going"



"I went to see Danielle after suffering for a long time with a reoccurring shoulder injury. Even after one session I noticed a huge difference. I have more movement in my neck and shoulders than I have had for a long time! Danielle is also very professional and friendly and I would recommend Surrey Massage Clinic to anyone"

Freddie Mason, Dorking 


"Danielle has great skill in finding those niggles and tight spots. As a keen runner I find a regular massage, even if it is for half hour works wonders for easing aching muscles and genuinely helps the body to relax . Everyone can benefit from the general health promoting benefits of massage and would highly recommend it."

Lou Ionascu - North Holmwood


 amazing deep tissue massage from Danni earlier. Feeling wonderful & denotted, definitely recommend

Sarah Rae (via Twitter)


"I have been having regular massages with Danielle for the past year and she has been instrumental in my being able to continue working by helping me with chronic pain management (chronic pain related to fibromyalgia and headaches).  It took me a long while to find a good massage therapist and I was so thankful and relieved to find her. 

Danielle treats me with deep tissue massages but continually adapts her technique and style to meet my needs. She is intuitive and has a great awareness of how to promote healing within the body.

Above all Danielle is a genuine person and always goes above and beyond to fit me in when I need. I would highly recommend her"

Harriet, Brockham


"Having had an old back injury several years ago, I have had nagging flare ups of back pain for quite a while. Danielle gives marvellous massages and has a talent for targeting the right spots which need relief. My back pain has disappeared, and I plan to continue to have periodic MOT massages with Danielle. I recommend her highly"

Carol Coulon - Bookham


"Dani is everything you would want in a masseur... professional, personable and above all is incredibly good at what she does. She will find and fix aches and pains you didn't even know were there, I cannot recommend Dani and her team highly enough."

Trina Haworth - Dorking


"Thanks to Danielle I now no longer see Massage as a luxury but a necessity.  I have only recently started attending her clinic but I can already feel the difference feeling more flexible and feeling fewer strains and pains after sport."

Ed, East Horsley


"Just completed my first course of reflexology with Mel and found the results pleasantly surprising.I was a little sceptical initially but wanted to try it to see if I could improve my sleeping and help me relax after a busy commute.During the treatments I felt relaxed and didn't want them to end and I am sure I could endure more than an hour.Over the four weeks my sleep has improved and I do feel more relaxed so I will be continuing with the treatments,also found that they help me recover more quickly from exercise and keep my feet in decent shape."

Steve Parkin, Dorking


"Thanks Danielle you've really helped get me back in shape post stress from sport and work. A great antidote to modern life"

Tom, Reigate


"I have gone to Elise for massages on both my knee and back. I'm so pleased with the results! I injured my knee years ago and it was always a niggling problem. Since seeing Elise over a series of sessions, it has made training so much better. The same with my back and neck. I would highly recommend visiting!"



“Duncan has a true gift, he has magic hands, a great empathy and a truly professional practice. It is so refreshing to find a clinician that is brilliant at assessing what level of treatment is required from relaxation to muscle rehab. Duncan has a real thirst for knowledge and a natural understanding of the body and a variety of sports.
He is more than competent at the techniques he already offers and I know he will always continue to study and gain skills that he can offer. Anyone considering booking a session should not hesitate – let Duncan help you gain the most out of your body and support you through the times when injuries niggle and frustrate.”

- RI


"I have had problems with neck, back and a frozen shoulder! Elise has worked wonders on all areas. For nearly eighteen months she kept me mobile when the shoulder was at its worst. I have also had the privilege to have had holistic massages. These are absolutely marvellous I would recommend Elise for all aspects of massage."



"I went to Elise to alleviate my aches and pains in my shoulders, neck and back that I get from working a stressful job at a desk all day. Elise knew exactly where my pain barriers were without me even having to tell her (although she does ask!). The massage was very relaxing and I came out feeling considerable better than when I came in! Elise is brilliant and I would highly recommend her!"




The Dorking Wellbeing Centre,

173 High Street, Dorking


(previously at the Dorking Yoga Centre)

"...they all know how to find my knots, hit the pressure points, relieve upper back computer desk tension..."

Mark B, Esher

"...looking for a good sports massage in Dorking, this is great. I use it..."

Christian O'Connell - Radio DJ & Comedian

"...straight away I felt better and within a few days the injury had gone"

Ollie Millroy, Professional Racing Car driver

"... instrumental in my being able to continue working by helping me with chronic pain management ..."

Harriet Hitchen, Brockham


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