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Do I need a Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage?


There is really no difference between a sports massage and deep tissue massage in terms of techniques. Our therapists are trained in sports, deep tissue, remedial and / or clinical massage as well as anatomy and physiology so we are all qualified to deal with what presents in your consultation and what we find and feel during treatment.


Therefore whether you run, walk, cycle or not, our advice is based on the muscles we find as overused, weaker and /or compensated to help you identify and work towards correcting it going forward and should we feel you need more then we have good relations with other practioners.



I have a specific medical condition, how do I know who is the best therapist for me?


As with any specific medical conditions we would really like to know before you attend a treatment so we can make sure the right person can see you.

Please call Danielle on 07905 470941 first to discuss over the phone. 



I have not had a massage before, what can I expect?


We usually require you to undress to your underwear and will drape large towels or blankets over you, resepecting your privacy and exposing only the area that is being treated. Shorts are not ideal as it makes it difficult to access the top of the hamstrings, glutes and legs, which is a common problematic area for lower back pain. However, if you prefer to wear them we will respect that. 



Will the massage hurt?


We always make sure that the pressure is suitable for the client, everyone is different so we will check in with you. It is not necessarily true that "no pain is no gain" as our aim to relax the muscle tissue not to tense the body. There may be an amount of discomfort if the reason you are here is due to having tension and pain and we will work with you to ensure you are comfortable. It is worth remembering that the first treatment will potentially be more painful than subsequent ones depending on the situation of course. 



How many treatments will I need?


We are asked this question a lot and often unable to give a straight answer as it depends on too many variables. Our usual advice is to have two treatments close together (say one-two weeks apart) and judge how far you have improved between them as every body responds differently, every lifestyle varies and also the time the injury has been present affects the response to treatment. 




Any other questions please do not hesitate to ask us!

The Dorking Wellbeing Centre,

173 High Street, Dorking


(previously at the Dorking Yoga Centre)

"...they all know how to find my knots, hit the pressure points, relieve upper back computer desk tension..."

Mark B, Esher

"...looking for a good sports massage in Dorking, this is great. I use it..."

Christian O'Connell - Radio DJ & Comedian

"...straight away I felt better and within a few days the injury had gone"

Ollie Millroy, Professional Racing Car driver

"... instrumental in my being able to continue working by helping me with chronic pain management ..."

Harriet Hitchen, Brockham


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