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SPORTS MASSAGE is more known as a deeper, often painful style of massage, however, our ethos is about addressing the issues in the tissues without being off the scale painful, which is not necessary nor effective.


It uses a combination of deeper broad and specific techniques to target the muscles specific to your sport and activity to enable & promote mobility and recovery. 


The lesser-known benefit of sports massage is its accumulative effect on the active body, many have seen improvement in their performance after incorporating regular massage into their routine. As it aids recovery in between training sessions, it identifies niggles and imbalances before they become an issue, and it increases range of motion in the joints so they have the optimum range for power output (think slingshot as the further back a joint can move the more output is produced, effortlessly!).


For further reading, see our blog post The Game Changer : Unravelling the benefits of massage in sport in our blog section here


We have experience with a range of sports including:


  • Cyclists (road & off-road)
  • Runners from recreational to Ultra Marathons
  • Swimmers
  • Golfers & Tennis Players
  • Professional racing drivers
  • Weight lifters

For treatment for specific sports injuries please book a Clinical Massage.


Sports Massage is available with Lee, Jen, Katerina, Danielle, Kate, Zuzana and Lara.


Prices are per therapist here 




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